• ECMS and Technology
    Each fifth and sixth grade classroom meets for a scheduled 35 minute CIRC (Creativity Research Innovation Center) period once every five days. Supervised extra CIRC time for whole class or individual student use is also available
    At Evans City Middle School, as throughout the entire Seneca Valley School District, we try "…to use technology to the full extent of its capabilities throughout the curriculum…" We emphasize that technology is a tool to help us locate and use information.


    Technology in Evans City Middle School means more than just computers and access to the Internet. We also have DVDs, document cameras, iPads, iPods, and SMARTBoards. Much of our technology can be used in both CIRC and the classrooms. In fact, SMARTBoards and mounted projectors are installed throughout the building.


    Ms. Amber Kelly and Ms. Tammy Micco
    CIRC Technology Facilitators
    CIRC Librarian