Welcome to Mrs. Stebbins's classroom website!
     Name:  Mrs. Allison Stebbins
     School:  Haine Middle School
     Grade/Subject:  5th/6th Grade Gifted - PURPOSE
     Room #:  301
     Phone: (724) 776-1325 Extension 4072
    5th and 6th Grade PURPOSE
    Hello and thanks for visiting!
    With the weather conditions Wednesday-Thursday, we are moving our storm drain painting to Monday, June 3rd.  
    Fifth grade will be painting from 9-11:30, and sixth grade from 12:30-3:00.
    All students will eat lunch at school, and students will be able to purchase a lunch from the cafeteria, or bring a packed lunch from home.
    Please see our PURPOSE 'happenings' in each strand:


    Thinking Skills:  Sixth graders recemtly presented informal debates in class and did a GREAT job!


    Fifth grade concluded the builiding portion of our  "Humdinger Challenge" and we are now filming promotional commercials to advertise Humdinger devices.



    Math 6:  Students are laying the ancient mathematical game of "Nim" to use deductive reasoning strategies. 


    Fifth graders have been playing the "Math Quest" game simulation while solving multi-step word problems. Students did a great job learning about the 'guess and check'  and 'draw a picture' strategies, and are concluding the create a table/chart to solve problems.


    Science: Sixth grade students conducted various chemical tests on the contaminant's solids and liquids in an effort to identify the components of Fruitvale's barrel contaminant. We are now analyzing data to determine the best mode of transportation, and route, to deliver the contaminant for proper disposal., and will soon hold a debate to determine which mode of transportation is the best choice.

     Fifth grade students conducted tests to determine where/why the contaminant is entering Fruitvale's water source. Students are now dividing into debate teams to argue the best clean-up method to solve Fruitvale's water contamination problem.


    Communications:  Students are exploring the concept of 'interpretation' using artwork, song lyrics, and poetry. Students wrote a metaphorical piece in the creative writing realm, and are in the process of creating a personal 'mantra' to help motivate and inspire.



    Spatial Reasoning:  Students are using programming strategies to code Lego Mindstorm robots!




    Cranberry Township has created a video of our February 26th BOS presentation!  Please click on the link below to view: