Miss G. holding the London Olympic Torch.
    PE with Miss G.
    7/8 Ryan Gloyer Middle School
    724-452-6043 ext. 3068 
    We want YOU in the gym!
    Mark your planners, bring your PE clothes and shoes, and be ready to move, be challenged and entertained as you participate in a variety of activities!
    Who will...
            improve her fitness level?  ...make a team?  
                               ...find a new activity she likes? ...challenge herself to work in her target heart rate zone?  
                                                    ...choose the class warm up activities?  ...learn a new skill?  ...teach a skill to her classmates?
                                                                                        ...choose the music for class?  ...be the warm up leader?  ...be the 'coach' or 'leader' for her team?
    Will it be YOU?! 
                   Commit to be fit!
                                  Be part of the fun!