• School Counselor's Role in the School
    We are excited about the Elementary Guidance Program offered in the Seneca Valley School District. It is a program that will benefit our students as they grow and develop. The purpose of the program is to address the developmental needs of all students, as well as, provide additional support to students with specific needs.

    As School Counselors, we accomplish these goals through providing classroom guidance activities, educational support groups, a new student "Buddy" program, building-wide enrichment programs, and individual student support. Elementary counselors are also members of teams that assist students with various academic, emotional, social/behavioral needs.

    In order to create a supportive environment to enable student success, we also collaborate with parents and faculty. Consulting with you, the parents and guardians, concerning any special issues affecting your child's educational, emotional, and/or social growth and development is one of our primary goals. We encourage you to contact your school with any questions and/or concerns.
    HMS School Counselor Grade 6
    (2023-2024 School Year):
    724-452-6040 x 4034
    HMS School Counselor Grade 5
    (2023-2024 School Year)
    724-452-6040 x 4036