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    The Seneca Valley Center For Biotechnology Research is a collaborative concept engineered by teachers and supported by administrators with guidance from professionals in academia and business.  The Center offers an exceptional research space and experience, unique to Seneca Valley and beyond, by introducing students to technologies and techniques utilized in biological and medical research laboratory settings.  Some of these technologies include PCR and QPCR thermocyclers, microcentrifuges, micropipettes, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis cells, a transformation machine, an incubator, an autoclave, and a dual beam spectrophotometer.

    These aforementioned technologies allow for students to be immersed in a myriad of experiences related to biotechnology. Some current examples include eDNA (environmental DNA) research with samples taken from local waterways in order to assess environmentally sensitive animal populations, chemical analysis of eDNA water samples to test for toxic compounds potentially affecting sensitive animal populations, and biofilm studies that contribute to understanding antibiotic resistance and related diseases.

    The Center's student goals are to develop advanced research skills and to connect the students to the broader world of research by sharing their work with peers, the school community, and other professionals within the field.