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    Services provided

    We are happy to support the students and families of Seneca Valley Intermediate High School. We provide academic, social/emotional, and career services for our students. It is our goal to enhance the learning process and create a culture of college and career readiness for all.

    Seeing a counselor 

    Students or parents may make an appointment to see a School Counselor by calling or e-mailing that counselor directly. Students may also fill out a request form in the Guidance Office and will receive a pass for a convenient time in their schedule. Please note that requests are handled in the order in which they are received, but priorities may shift based upon need. 

  • Melissa Gaguzis, Secretary


    724-452-6042, Ext. 2065

    Lisa Graham, Counselor

    (Last Names A-Di)


    724-452-6042, Ext. 2036

    Deanna Christopher, Counselor

    (Last Names Do-K)


    724-452-6042, Ext. 2035

    Amy Calder, Counselor

    (Last Names L-Ra)


    724-452-6042, Ext. 2038

    Malika Christopher, Counselor (on leave)

    Mary Kate Opferman (Long term substitute)

    (Last Names Re-Z)


    724-452-6042, Ext. 2400