• Project Suitcase:  Unpacking Exciting New Worlds of Learning at CVE! 

    Help us celebrate both visible and invisible diversity at CVE by sharing your suitcase! 

    The goal of Project Suitcase presentations is to provide CVE students with the opportunity to understand and appreciate the lives and experiences of others. Project Suitcase presentations will provide our students with an opportunity to further develop 21st-century skills in empathy, compassion, and cultural understanding. Readers are encouraged to visit the "baggage claim" area at CVE to pick a children's book that you could share with your own suitcase! 

    Listen to our very own students present book talks about these very books! 

     Book Talks done by CVE Students

    Gargi Rane is an SV graduate and created a beautiful presentation for Project Suitcase and shared it with some of our 3rd and 4th-grade classrooms some years ago. Gargi's suitcase, “Wherever You Go” talked about her Canadian and South Asian cultures, celebrations, and traditions. 

    Her message is that "we all come from different backgrounds and take different paths, but at the same time, we are all still participating in the same celebrations of life and living within the same world. It doesn't mean that it's bad to be different; instead, think of it as a way to share your own experiences with others."

     See our flyer and booklist for more information Flyer and Project Suitcase Books 

    If you are interested in participating in Project Suitcase please complete the following form: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspxid=n0_P7nDtlUCAIkptsGer75m23abMv9tAgHb6wuPo8F5UMkdEMFFNVERTWFlCM1BRRk1SRUpSS0c5Mi4u

    When we open windows and build bridges, we unpack exciting new worlds of learning for all children.

    Thank you for helping make CVE the best place to learn and grow!