• HMS Kindness Rocks
    Thank you for visting our site.  We are 5th and 6th graders from Haine Middle School spreading kindness and happiness to others one rock at a time. If you have found one of our rocks, please take a minute to click on the link, Kindness Rocks Forum (to the left if you are on a computer, above in the blue Kindness Rocks (HMS) bar if you are on a phone).
    It would make us so happy if you uploaded a picture of the rock you found, share where you found it, and tell us how you felt when you found it. Please rehide the rock (but don't make it too difficult!) so someone else can find it. We want to see how far our rocks can travel and how many people we can impact.
    Thank you for playing along. We hope you have an amazing day!   
    For more information, please contact Ms. Jennifer Exler at exlerjl@svsd.net