• Mid-Year Survey January 2019 

    Bio 150
    General Information
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    Recommended materials: 3 ring binder, colored pencils
    Requested items (bring one): tissues, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer
    Name: Jenifer E. McMurray
    School: Seneca Valley Intermediate High School
    Grade/Subject: 9/Honors Biology 
    Room #: 150
    Phone: 724-452-6042 x 2225 
    Period 2: LAB 3TR  Study Hall MWF
    Period 3: Honors Biology 3
    Period 4: Honors Biology 4
    Period 5: LAB 4WF  Study Hall MTR
    Period 7: Honors Biology 7
    Period 8: LAB 7TR, 9MW
    Period 9: Honors Biology 9
     Mrs. McMurray's Mission Statement: Always do what's best for kids.
    (It may not be what they like or want to do, but it's what is best for them!)