• Students on campus General Information

    We know crisis management planning isn’t something that can be put on paper and placed on a shelf. As you can imagine, every incident that occurs causes us to look more closely at the plan to make sure we are addressing needs specific to Seneca Valley. Seneca Valley currently has two SROs on the 7-12 secondary campus who are highly trained and certified police officers with the Jackson Township Police Department. The officers work closely with administration to assist with our security needs and have developed an excellent rapport with staff and students.
    The District also maintains service contracts with several local police agencies to provide regular security patrols at all of our K-6 schools. We have witnessed first-hand how these officers are positively interacting with our children, staff and community. We find that they not only protect our students and staff, they champion them by personally getting to know those in the building and participating in activities.
    We know crisis response in education is real and training is vitally important. As part of the previously mentioned law enforcement collaboration, our staff has taken part in various trainings over the years,  a combination of book and hands-on review, with such topics as active shooter drills and Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate (ALICE) training.
    Emergency and inclement weather drills are also practiced with students and they are instructed by their teacher on the appropriate course of action as called for the given situation.
    A practice that we will also continue is the use of metal detectors and canine search teams on our secondary campus, grades 7-12. These proactive measures will be held at random and unannounced times, possibly generating calls to home from our students.  Please know we create these opportunities as a way to help ensure student safety and send a clear message to our student body that weapons and drugs are prohibited and the use/possession of them will not be tolerated.
    While we provide numerous efforts to maintain physical security in our schools, we believe it’s imperative that communications play an important role in maintaining a safe school environment. Whether you choose to contact us directly or utilize Sprigeo, our online reporting system (a link can be found via this page), we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to share with us information you may hear from your child or within the community. When you see something, SAY something! I and my staff take very seriously reports of these kinds and can assure you we will investigate them thoroughly.