• 2020 Summer Professional Development Academy

    Seneca Valley School District is sponsoring a Virtual Summer Professional Development Academy to be held August 7, August 10-14, and August 17. The Academy will feature sessions with a focus on the use of educational technology. 

    To register, visit https://files.svsd.net/summeracademy



    SV Portal https://portal.svsd.net

    Students begin their day by logging into SV Portal. This is where they view assignments, class announcements, and confirm virtual attendance. This session will introduce new announcement features and highlight the use of SV Gradebook, SV Student portal, and SV App.

    • Create assignments, make announcements, and manage student uploads using SV Gradebook.
    • Access student IEPs, health alerts, assessment data, and parent distribution lists.
    • Contains links to your online textbooks and school calendars.

    Instructor: Chad Robertson or Michele Murray

    Audience: K-12 teachers



    Microsoft Teams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0TlQXmFGdQ

    Learn how to use Microsoft Teams in the classroom to collaborate, communicate, share information, and engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities.

    Instructor: School Technology Facilitators

    Audience: K-6 teachers, 7-12 teachers



    Microsoft Teams Advanced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0TlQXmFGdQ

    Learn how to use Microsoft Teams in the classroom to collaborate, communicate, share information, and engage students with virtual face-to-face connections and activities. In addition to Microsoft Teams the advanced session includes breakout rooms, channels, OneNote Class Notebook, and Stream.

    Instructor: School Technology Facilitators

    Audience: Secondary teachers



    Raz-Plus https://www.raz-plus.com/

    Raz-Plus is a blended learning platform that provides effective teacher-led instruction, developmentally appropriate reading practice, formative assessment, and data-driven reporting to improve the reading skills of every student, at every level.

    • Enhance reading instruction with more than 50,000 reading resources that include more than 3,000 leveled books, lesson plans, activities, and quizzes.
    • Provide a personalized reading library of leveled books and passages to every student available in printable, projectable, online, and mobile formats.
    • Determine future instruction using formative assessments and online, data-driven reports that track student reading activity and progress.

    Instructor: Learning A-Z Instructor (Sarah)

    Audience: K-4 teachers



    Nearpod https://www.nearpod.com

    Increase student engagement. Nearpod is a great resource for all classrooms. Create interactive lessons in minutes. Ready-to-Teach, Interactive Lessons for All K-12 Grades and Subjects. Launch lessons instantly and receive comprehensive student assessments. Enable 100% student participation and engage students. Nearpod is a great way to engage students in a one-to-one and online classroom.

    Instructor: Nearpod Instructor

    Audience: K-12 teachers



    Discovery Education https://www.discoveryeducation.com

    Discovery Education allows you to build assignments, create writing prompts, build quizzes, and stream educational videos. In addition to the vast number of media resources, students can also use other educational tools. Teachers have access to additional teaching resources, including an assessment builder, a writing prompt builder, and an assignment builder. Access educational videos by standard and receive supplementary resources for your classroom.

    Instructor: Lou Nagy

    Audience: K-12 teachers



    MobyMax https://www.mobymax.com

    Find and Fix Learning Gaps. Help struggling learners quickly catch up to grade level and close learning gaps for all your students. MobyMax is for every K-8 subject (Math, Science, Social Studies, ELA) with adaptive differentiation plus student motivation and classroom tools. Winner of over 49 industry recognized awards last year! 

    Instructor: MobyMax Instructor (Sam)

    Audience: K-8 teachers



    Sumdog Math and Spelling https://pages.sumdog.com/

    Sumdog Math and Spelling. Students love Sumdog! Sumdog provides game-based adaptive learning for K-6 students. It's designed to engage students, encouraging them to improve their math and spelling skills.

    Instructor: Sumdog Instructor

    Audience: K-6 teachers



    SMART Learning Suite https://www.smarttech.com/en/Products/Education-Software/SMART-Learning-Suite

    Engage students online. With SMART Learning Suite (SLS) Online, you can create lessons, activities, and assessments anywhere.

    Quickly and easily

    • transform your existing PDF and PowerPoint files into interactive lessons
    • send lessons to student devices with teacher-paced or student-paced delivery
    • convert content to collaborative workspaces
    • build formative assessments into your lessons using existing templates or ready-made activities
    • create a new game in minutes using the activity creation wizard

    Instructor: Michele Murray

    Audience: K-12 teachers