• Sleep & Adolescents

    Seneca Valley officials have been reviewing the biology of adolescent sleep and its related impact on a student’s academic achievement. Sleep deprivation has long been a common challenge for people of all ages; however, scientific data over the last ten years indicates that losing out on the minimum required hours of sleep may have a more far-reaching affect when it comes to adolescents.

    As a district, we have been studying the topic in depth for nearly two years. Much of that effort has been working behind the scenes to address the logistics and internal barriers of such a change. District officials have reviewed no less than 10 models in order to honor best practices as provided by the sleep research, keeping in mind what is best for all children from an academic perspective. 

    The research surrounding the topic is quite clear that schools need to look at shifting their start times to no earlier than 8 am. The concern centers around academic and health consequences associated with sleep deprived teenagers. Please know we hold a great deal of respect for a parent’s/guardian’s right to privacy and their parenting decisions. Therefore, we have decided to focus our efforts on what the District controls, and start time is one of the main barriers preventing our children from getting sleep.

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