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  • Curious how the year will go?

    This year we will develop and expand our literary analysis and writing skills. By collaboratively working with peers and using metacognitive skills, we will explore how criticial thinking and reading skills enhance our learning. The first semester will be devoted primarily to components of literature and the analysis of why authors write. Plot mountain, signficance, figurative language, and other literary elements are the forefront of the discussions. The main focus of the second semester is expressing our new knowledge of literary analysis in the form of writing. Students will be expected to effectively support and explain reasoning in writing text dependent analysis essays. 



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    What will we read?

    We will read various works of literature including children's books, short stories, dramas, and poetry. At times, students will need to research and find literature relevant to a class discussion. An extensive unit on reading and analyzing Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol will begin in November, and the unit culminates with a trip to see the play in downtown Pittsburgh. Students will also be expected to have a personal, independent book to read. The class will occasionally take trips to the library to exchange/renew books. 





    How often will we write?

    Almost daily. From every day quick writes to well-organized essays, writing is a vital component of this class. Grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics skills will be taught throughout the year. At the end of the year, expect to have written countless short answers, endless prewriting thoughts, several well supported essays, and a handful of fiction.



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     Ready to learn?

    I know that I definitely am ready for another adventurous year with the Cougars! This team works together to challenge every person to grow and discover who they are as a person and a learner. Within the walls of 226, everyone will be held to the expectation that they can and will be successful with effort. My class incorporates technology on a regular basis, so it is vital that laptops are charged for class daily. If you ever have questions on how to work a program, please do not hesitate to ask!





    Meet the teacher.

    This is my third year at Ryan Gloyer Middle School, and I am thrilled to be back in the classroom in August. After graduating from Kent State University and holding a long-term substitute position in Ohio, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. There, I had two unforgettable years of experience with 7th grade English classes. Although I loved the sunny weather and southern hospitality, I realized I am a true yinzer and needed to move back to the 'burgh. Since moving home, I've had the joy of entering many different classrooms, but my passion always remained teaching English. These past years on the Cougars have further instilled the enjoyment I feel discussing literature and writing, and I can't wait to share it with all Cougars. 


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    Supply List      

    • 1-inch 3-Ring Binder                 
    • loose leaf paper                        
    • colored highlighters (various colors preferred)     
    • pencils                                      



    1st - Personal Planning      

    2nd - English 7                    

    3rd - Team Planning           

    4th - Adv. English               

    5th - English 7                    

    6th - Cohort                        

    7th - English 7                    

    8th - English 7