• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Seneca Valley Athletics program is to offer an exceptional student-athlete experience which complements classroom learning and enhances the overall development—academic, athletic, and social—of each of its participating students. Along with the pursuit of excellence, developing our student-athletes into respectful, honorable, and responsible citizens of the community is a principle objective and vital component of our success.

    Middle School Athletics

    In addition, the objective of our Middle School Athletics program is to familiarize our student-athletes with competitive interscholastic sport, introduce them to rules, rewards, and consequences, teach them about the team taking precedence over the individual, demonstrate the importance of learning and practicing fundamentals, and instill a level of discipline that traverses athletics into academics. We believe that winning is measured by more than just a scoreboard and that all participants should have reasonable opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skill in competitive opportunities.


    The Seneca Valley Athletics program will take a leadership position in interscholastic athletics demonstrating that championship athletic experiences and commitment to academic excellence are not mutually exclusive. The student-athletes and coaches of Seneca Valley will embrace their responsibility as community leaders, honor their role as representatives of the District, and conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards.

    Core Values 
    The student-athletes, coaches, and staff of Seneca Valley Athletics will commit themselves to the following core values:





    Work Ethic



    Team Before Self  

    Departmental Commitment

    The Seneca Valley Athletics program and its coaches embrace their roles of teacher, leader, and server. In our pursuit of excellence, we strive to represent a program founded on teaching valuable life lessons, modeling behavior of utmost character and integrity, and serving the community with a sincere sense of responsibility. As a department we commit to serve our students by:

    Recognizing the importance of and opportunity to develop their leadership skills

    Providing them with the tools necessary for success

    Supporting them through positive coaching, mentorship, and appropriate counsel

    Modeling inclusivity not exclusivity

    Leading calmly through adversity, thereby revealing the importance of character

    Emphasizing the importance of good sportsmanship in all scenarios

    Teaching teamwork and sacrifice are the foundations for success

    Competing with pride and honor in pursuit of victory

    Showing them how to win with humility and lose with dignity