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    The Seneca Valley Intermediate High School's communal beliefs are that all students have a right to an education that recognizes and adapts to their individual needs and abilities. All students have a right to learn in an environment that is both emotionally and physically safe. The parents, school, and the community are responsible for educating students. Students have the responsibility to actively participate in their own education. We are proud of our instituted student leadership programs and would like to expand leadership opportunities for parents and families. Our mission is to connect with the community and provide stakeholders a voice in the direction the building should be going as we pursue the Seneca Valley School District and Intermediate High School vision.
    I.H.S. Parent Council: Influencing-Helping-Supporting
    An initiative for the 2016-2017 school year is to develop an instrumental parent platform to influence, help, and support our students. The purpose of the council is to collectively design a system that will enhance an academically rigorous learning experience and emphasize civic responsibility. The goal is to collaborate and combine efforts to identify areas of focus as we continue to grow our learners.
    • Membership
      • Parents, guardians, and family members of ninth and tenth grade students.
      • You must complete the membership registration form.
      • Membership registration is open throughout the school year.
    • Coordination
      • Council meets four times per year.
      • You do not need to commit to all three meetings.
      • October 24, January 23, April 24
      • Meetings will be held from 10-11 am or 6-7 pm on each meeting date.

    I.H.S. Parent Council Membership Registration