Mr. G
     Welcome to Mr. Guerra's Classroom Website!
     Name: Dan Guerra
     School: Ryan Gloyer Middle School
     Grade/Subject: 7th Grade Adventures in World History
     Room #: 213
     Welcome to the classroom website of Mr. Guerra's Adventures in World History! This year we will be studying a variety of topics that will draw parallels between the ancient and modern world. These topics will include the study of history, geography, government, religion, culture, and contributions. This website is designed to be used as an online extension of our classroom. EVERYTHING that is done in class is available here through the calendar.
    Suggested uses for parents and students: 
    - Gathering missed work during or after an absence
    - Reprinting material in case you forgot it at school
    - Keeping informed on events and topics covered in class 
    ACCESSING Email OR Microsoft 365 from home: 
    Online Textbook Access:
    1. Sign in to SV Grade Portal and click on History class.
    2. Click on the link for the online textbook, and enter your school EMAIL and password if prompted.  (This is written in the Electronic Textbook box on Grade Portal.)
    3. Choose the first link "My World History Survey 2012 NA Realize".
    4. Click on the orange part in the middle that says "Classes".
    5. Click on "Assignments" to see if you have any assignments that are posted.  To get rid of OLD assignments you have finished, make sure you click on it and TURN IT IN.  The site offers you remediation if you don't do well on an online test.  Listen/complete them and turn them in when you have time.