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     Welcome to Ms. Doyle's classroom website!
     Name: A. Doyle
     School: Senior High School
     Grade/Subject: 11th grade American Literature, Creative Writing & CHS College Writing
     Room #: 202
     Extension: 1289
     The noblest question in the world is
    What good may I do in it?
    - Poor Richard Saunders

    Honors American Literature:
    Through the study of major writing movements in twentieth century America, students will read a variety of literary genres including poetry, drama, essay, factual prose, short stories, and novels. Students will be able to discuss the literature according to its specific literary elements. Students will do a variety of writing and speaking activities related to course content, including speeches and projects. Students will continue to incorporate elements of American literature in the writing process using fiction and non-fiction major works, vocabulary study and various other classroom activities. Students will incorporate elements of American literature in the writing process using themes and issues in American fiction and non-fiction. The materials used and skills addressed are intended to provide the student with an introduction to college-level scholarship.
             Texts may include: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Crucible, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby and many shorter selections.
    American Literature:
    This year-long American Literature course uses various themes to discuss and analyze works by famous American authors and poets. The course offers an analysis of American literature, a comprehensive review of grammar and usage, a study of different genres of literature and applying various literary techniques. Skills taught also include a rigorous application of the writing process in connection of the draft writing of Graduation Project research paper in the Spring.
    Students will become adept at recognizing the different genres and themes of literature and applying various literary techniques. Students will also be able to trace the historical events, trends, and tendencies that influence traditional American literature language usage. Students will incorporate elements of American literature in the writing process using themes and issues in American fiction and non-fiction. Students will begin to use writing as an analytical tool and will become proficient with standard grammar and composition via research and supplemental writing assignments. Ideally, a team teaching approach will be utilized to address the needs of individual students when applicable. 
              Texts may include: Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, Into the Wild and many shorter selections.
    Foundations of Creative Writing:
    Foundations of Creative Writing offers students an authentic application of the writing process to their original forms of expression. The material is intended to provide students with a creative outlet enabling them to cultivate self-expression through writing. This class is intended for students who are serious about writing. Students will create writing that is full of meaning and imagery yet is clear, concise, and vivid. The writing will adhere to all conventions of the English language and will exhibit a variety of sentence structures and word choice. The writing of short stories, a one-act play or screenplay, and poetry will be emphasized.
    CHS College Writing:
    This course is designed to provide juniors and seniors with the experience of developing essays through a variety of methods and styles with the objective of increasing the students’ abilities to write, read and think more critically and reflectively about readings and ideas. Prospective students should expect to actively participate in class, since the core of daily work will be based upon whole class discussions and group work. Samples of students’ writing will be used to form the basis of discussion, expanding their abilities to give, receive and use constructive criticism. Students entering the course should already be able to write reasonably correct prose as this is a college level writing course. Through a partnership with Butler County Community College, students may opt to pay and earn a 3 credit College Writing - ENGL 101 course.