Welcome to Magistra Deeds' classroom website!
     Name: Mrs. Sarah Deeds
     School: Ryan Gloyer Middle School (7/8)
     Grade/Subject: 7th / 8th grade Latin 1; JCL sponsor; cyber Latin teacher (OPT)
     Team: FLAGS (World Language)
     Room #: 123C
     Phone: (724) 452-6040 ext 3298 
     HS alma mater: North Allegheny
     Undergrad: Hillsdale College (Latin; Greek and History)
              Summer study: Oxford University (St. Hilda's College)
     Graduate School: University of Virginia (Masters in Teaching Foreign Language+Certification)
    Salvete discipuli et parentes!
    Here on my classroom website you will find: daily agendas, homework assignments, electronic handouts and resources, syllabi, information for class technology, due dates and upcoming tests dates!
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    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Bonam fortunam! 
    -Magistra Deeds 

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