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     Name: Mr. Ryan Rice
     School: Intermediate High School
     Grade/Subject: Wood Fabrication & Design, Power/Transportation Technology
     Room #: 51
     Email: ricere@svsd.net
     Phone: 724-452-6042 x2069
    Course Descriptions 
    Wood Fabrication & Design
     This course is designed to provide basic information about wood and the construction of wood products. The technical aspects of wood structure and physical properties of wood are covered. Selection, safe use, care of hand and power tools, and functions of all shop machines are covered. Students will make projects designed to facilitate learning and improve their skills throughout the course. Creative expression and problem solving will be emphasized. Simple finishing processes will also be involved. The second semester of Wood Fabrication will be dedicated to the design and construction of individual student-designed projects. Students will be financially responsible for all materials used in individual projects. Careers to which this study could lead include all types of manufacturing areas, construction, engineering, material design, cabinet making, craftsmen and carpentry. Shop safety will always be stressed.
    Power/Transportation Technology 
    Power/Transportation Technology is a one-semester course which is designed to introduce the basic concepts of Power and Transportation. Students will be involved in hands-on activities which will incorporate problem solving and creative design engineering into each activity. The activities may include energy forms, electricity, electronics, solar energy/power, aerodynamic design engineering, rocket propulsion, and robotics. This course is designed as an introduction to more advanced courses in the Power/Transportation area. Use of hand and power tools, and power equipment as well as career opportunities and training will be discussed. Various applications of measurement, measuring systems, and instruments will be used throughout the course. CNC software and equipment may be used in the activities. All aspects of safety will be stressed throughout the course.