• The Youth Education and Support Services program, or Y.E.S.S. is Seneca Valley School District's Student Assistance Program. Student Assistance is the Commonwealth's vehicle to identify barriers to a student's learning and provide programs that enhance a student's personal development.
    The goal of Y.E.S.S. is two-fold. First, Y.E.S.S. identifies students who are in need of supportive services and facilitates early intervention and referral when appropriate. Second, Y.E.S.S. has a prevention component which promotes positive lifestyles through education, leadership programs, and alternative activities.
    The Y.E.S.S. core team facilitates each building's program. Each Y.E.S.S. core team consists of a coordinator, teachers, school nurse, counselors, administrators, and liaisons from community mental health. The core team is specially trained and certified by state student assistance providers. The Y.E.S.S. coordinator and core team members can be contacted at their respective buildings.