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    Mr. Witt  
    Intermediate High School
    Introduction to AutoCADD
    Exploring Engineering and Design
    Room 140
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    Welcome back to another exciting school year! Im excited to get to work this year on propelling you into your "wheel house" wher you can excell and grow! This year, I will be teaching three courses:
    Intro to AutoCadd - Download this base settings packet and complete them up to Layers. DO NOT DO THE LAYERS PAGE
    Exploring Engineering and Design is a hands on course that allows us the freedom to pursue multiple avenues in enginering. This year we are introducing an independant project that you will showcase your own investigations and creations upon completion.
    Digital Photography 1 & 2 are classes directed towards capitolizing on your creativity. If you enjoy taking pictures or working with Photoshop & Lightroom or simply want to experience a new creative outlet, this is a great class for you!
    Thanks for visiting my site! If you have any questions throughout the year, please feel free to call or email any time!
    Thanks again, - Mr. Witt 

    Exploring Engineering and Design 

    This year long course will give students the opportunity to discover the world of engineering. We will do a blend of projects individually and in the group setting. The class is designed to help students to become more independant learners while being guided through project based work. Design Projects including model roller coaster, flight simulation and model design, computer aided manufacturing, bio-engineering, and additive manufacturing as well as other projects. We will emphasize the use of the Engineering Design Process which enables the efficient development of processes and solutions. This course is offered to all students and will benefit students interested in engineering, architectural, or technical careers.

    Download this Block SV logo for your mastercam projects. 

    Introduction to AutoCadd
    This one-semester introductory course is offered to students interested in design, layout, product development, and other careers that require technical drawing.  Using various Computer Aided Drafting systems, students will learn a variety of drawing techniques and be able to replicate specific drawings in multiple perspectives.  The pinnacle of the class is to empower and enable students to create using the software provided.  Career opportunities and 3-D modeling, manufacturing, and engineering will also be explored.  No drafting or computer experience is necessary.
    Get AutoDesk Auto Cadd at home just by being enrolled in my class. You may also download all the class handouts on my downloads page.

     Digital Photography 1 & 2
    Both of these classes will stretch all students abilities and talents no matter the experience level. In DP 1 we cover common principles and practices as well as familiarize students with the manual operation of a DSLR camera. Students will complete photo collections within various genres of photography on location and in the studio. In DP 2 students are introduced into the entrepreneurial side of photography and begin to develop a brand, a website, and a "wishlist" for gear as if they were actually starting a company. In addition, we will be working extensively in Photoshop and Lightroom and expanding on student knowledge base of photography and design. We will be using either Canon Rebel T5 or T6 cameras for the classes. We have a number of set ups for students to use but we encourage anyone that has their own equipment to bring it so we can help you understand your gear better.