Prom 2023 Image



     All Seneca Valley seniors are invited to Prom 2023 at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on May 13, 2023!

    Ticket sales are:

    MARCH 13-24 during all school lunches

    Ticket prices are:

    $75 for a single ticket

    $150 for a couple

    Any ticket sold AFTER March 24 is:

    $85 for a single ticket

    $170 for a couple

    Ticket availability after April 13 is NOT guaranteed 


    In order to purchase a ticket, students must fulfill the following:

    1. Be a Seneca Valley SENIOR.

    2. Have the required Form 1 completed and Form 2 ONLY if bringing someone from outside of the district. (Forms can be found on our website or on the bulletin board outside of the cafeteria.)

    3. Have no obligations with the school.

    4. Have the required money. 


    Grand March will begin at 5 PM at Seneca Valley Senior High. All students must arrive between 4:30-5:15 PM. The LATEST a student may arrive for Grand March is 6 PM. Students will enter the building at the doors closest to the SVTV room, proceed through Grand March, and then board busses* to Stage AE. Families are welcome to watch their students in-person for Grand March again, too. Front doors of the high school will open to the public at 4:45 PM. Grand March will also be livestreamed for families and friends to watch from home. 

    Busses will begin leaving Stage AE at 10 PM to bring students back to the Senior High. All students will return to campus on busses by 11 PM.

    *Students are REQUIRED by the district to ride the busses to and from the venue.



    Please email Senior Class Advisor Emily Christ with any questions or concerns: