• Overview/Registration - Summer School


    Summer School Orientation


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    Why Summer School?

    • Get ahead! Students may enroll in a course they are scheduled to take in the 2020-21 school year through Acceleration. This will open up room in your schedule for additional electives. Limit of one (1) credit.
    • Brush-up on skills learned in previously completed courses through Audit/ Remediation.
    • Recover credits by retaking a course previously failed or where credit was lost through Credit Recovery.


    Acceleration/Credit Recovery Pricing

    • Half Year Course (.5 credit) - $130
    • Full Year Course (1 credit) - $260

    Students who do NOT live in Seneca Valley School District will be charged double. The cost will be $260 for 0.5 credit and $520 for one (1) credit. Students who live in the district but attend other schools will pay the SV price.

    Districts that partner with the Seneca Valley Academy of Choice Cyber program will register with their home district. For partnering information, please contact Denise Manganello.  


    Audit/Remediation Pricing

    • WITH Teacher support: Same pricing as Acceleration courses
    • WITHOUT teacher support: $0 


    Important Dates to Know:

    Please check back as we begin to finalize dates


    *Summer School Courses ARE NOT NCAA-approved due to the condensed format.  It is the student's responsibility to review NCAA policies to ensure they are academically eligible and fulfilling all requirements set by NCAA.

    Division 1 Requirements
    Division 2 Requirements
    NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete


    The summer school program offers many of the same courses offered during the school year and every course follows the Seneca Valley curriculum. The Edgenuity online learning system will help your student to learn, grow, and succeed! We encourage you to register as soon as possible since course offerings are based on the number of students registered. Questions? Contact Us!