• Title I

    Seneca Valley School District's Title I supplemental program is specifically geared towards those students who are experiencing difficulty in reading. The program at Seneca Valley School District is available for students in grades kindergarten through third.

    Title I instruction is delivered in a small group setting in addition to regular classroom instruction.

    What is ESEA Title I?

    ESEA stands for Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This encompasses our nation's schools, providing numerous federal funds. State Educational Agencies (SEAs) provide funds to the school districts based on the number of low-income families. Each year this program serves as a resource for a multitude of children in elementary and secondary schools. Title I also assists children in parochial and private schools

    Goals of the ESEA Title I Program

    The primary goal is to provide each child with the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills to develop an interest in reading. Another goal is to encourage each student to feel comfortable and confident, not only in reading, but also in the content areas within our curriculum. Furthermore, we emphasize the need for continuous communication among Title I teachers, classroom teachers, and parents.

    Engaging with parents, families and communities is an important way schools can narrow gaps of opportunity or achievement and help all children to learn. 
    The Every Student Succeeds Act requires districts and schools to engage parents and family members of children in Title I schools. We are asking for your feedback by completing the Parent Survey below. This short survey contains only 10 questions and requires very little time. 
    We thank you in advance for your willingness to participate and to provide your school with valuable information. 

    Parent Survey