Engineering Certification Program
    The  Engineering Certification Program (ECP) is comprised of a multi-faceted approach to help students gain comprehensive knowledge and a deeper understanding of engineering standards for greater success and achievement in the engineering field. Students will be immersed in engineering applications as well as gain valuable hands-on experience with practicing engineers in the field. 
    To qualify for the ECP, students must take core courses in Math and Science and supplement these courses with a number of electives in Engineering and Technology.  These recommended courses are listed below. It is advised that students begin accumulating these courses in their 9th grade year and continue to build a solid transcript that highlights their strong interest in Engineering.  In addition, students will be given the opportunity to explore various levels of career education.  This will be accomplished largely through relationships created with various companies within the local area.  Students will be exposed to speakers, field trips, job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships and are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities through the guidance of the ECP Coordinator.  

    As final requirement of ECP, students MUST have their senior graduation project relate to an engineering field.  Students will need the approval of both their 12th grade English teacher and the ECP Coordinator prior to beginning the project. 
    ECP Core Courses and Electives   
     *Please refer to the Program of Studies for complete information on graduation requirements
    T = Traditional Course Available, C = Cyber Course Available,
    Graduation Requirements
    24 Credits Total
    Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
    4 credits
    (1 credit/year)
    • Geometry TE (T)
    • Geometry (T,C)
    • Honors Geometry (T,C)
    • Algebra 2 TE (T)
    • Algebra 2 (T,C)
    • Honors Algebra 2 (T,C)
    • Algebra 2 TE (T)
    • Algebra 2 (T,C)
    • Honors Algebra 2 (T,C)
    • Pre-Calculus w/ Trig (T,C)
    • Honors Pre-Calc. w/ Trig (T,C)
    • Algebra 3(T,C) & Trigonometry (T,C)
    • Pre-Calculus w/Trig (T,C)
    • Honors Pre-Calculus w/Trig (T,C)
    • AP Statistics (T)
    • AP Calculus AB (T)
    • Intro to Statistics (T,C) & Personal Finance (T,C)
    • CHS Calculus (T)
    • CHS Statistics (T)
    • AP Calculus AB (T)
    • AP Calculus BC (T)
    3 credits
    • Principles of Biology 1, 2 & 3 (T,C)
    • Biology (T,C)
    • Honors Biology w/ or w/out lab (T,C)
    • Principles of Chem. 1 & 2 (T,C)
    • Chemistry (T,C)
    • Honors Chemistry (T,C)
    • Principles of Physics  (T,C)
    • Physics: Properties of Matter (T)
    • Physics: Energy (T,C)
    • Physics: Models and Interactions (T, C)
    • Honors Physics (T,C)
    • AP/CHS Physics (T)
    • Honors Molecular Biology (T)
    • AP Chemistry (T)
    • Organic & Biochemistry (T)
    • AP Environmental Science (C)
    • AP Biology (T)
    • Anatomy (T, C)
    • Aviation (T)


    Engineering and Technology Education
    (All courses in this department are electives and may be used to
    fulfill the elective or Humanities requirement for graduation.
    • Engineering, Drawing & Design (T,E)
    • Construction Technology (T,E)
    • Metal Fabrication & Welding (T,E)
    • Leadership and Career Development (T,C,E)
    • Computer-Aided Drafting & Design (T,E)
    • Power/Transportation Technology (T,E)
    • Manufacturing Technology (T,E)
    • Computer Science 1(C,E)
    • Computer Science 2(C,E)
    • Green Design & Technology (C,E)
    • Engineering Design 2 (C,E)
    • Intro to C++ (C,E)
    • Architectural Drawing (T,E)
    • Basic Electronics (T,E)
    • Residential Electricity (T,E)
    • C.A.D.D. & Prototype Simulation (T,E)
    • Welding (T,E)
    • Honors Engineering Appl. (T,E)
    • Honors Women in Engineering (T,E)
    • CHS Intro to Programming (T,E)
    • Robotics (T,E)
    • Engineering Design Processes (T,E)
    • 3-D Modeling and Gaming Animation (T,E)
    • Honors Engineering Appl. (T,E)
    • Honors Women in Engineering (T,E)
    • CHS Intermediate Programming (T,E)