• Winter Concert

    Welcome to Mrs. Barker's classroom website!
    Name: Claire L Barker
    School: Ryan Gloyer Middle School
    Grade/Subject: 7th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Chorus
    Room #: 200
    Phone: 724-452-6043 x3064



    Dear Parents,



    Welcome to Seneca Valley Secondary Campus Music.  We have 380 students in our Middle School Choruses in 2017-18. The Music Programs at SV are award-winning, and will offer your child an involved learning and performing experience.  I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

    Accompanying this letter you should find a copy of the discipline plan, class work and homework policy (there occasionally is homework in Chorus), and the classroom expectations for this course.  Please keep these papers in a safe place for future reference. They contain information that will be cited throughout the school year.


    Chorus at the Middle School level is outlined for you here and on my website.  Chorus is a graded, credited course. We want each student to take pride in performance, and feel good about his/her accomplishments by learning to work individually and as a group. The joy of singing comes through the fulfillment of learning to sing correctly. 

    Your child will have a notebook containing his/her music to be reviewed at home, and also the music theory lessons and worksheets that have information used in the development of music reading skills. There will be quizzes on this music theory information. 

    It is my firm belief that you are extremely important to the successful education of your child. Please mark the concert dates on your calendar today, so that you will be prepared for them. The Winter Concert is on December 5th, the Spring Concert is on May 24th, and Music Performance Assessment is March 27th.  I will give at least 2 weeks’ notice for after school rehearsals, and students will be able to ride the Activity Bus home.

    I will keep in touch with handouts. I will post upcoming information on my website, and all due dates/event dates on the website calendar. You should also watch your e-mail mail for the Chorus Newsletter sent from the Seneca Valley Chorus Boosters, and for notice of due dates and graded events.  I look forward to meeting you at Open House.



            Mrs. Barker