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    J. Demkowicz
    Contact Information:
    P: 724-631-1758
    F: 724-453-1744
    Mr. John Demkowicz
    Director of Transportation


    Mr. John Demkowicz comes to Seneca Valley with over a decade of experience, knowledge, and practice of Pennsylvania pupil transportation service. He has served as an administrator for the Quaker Valley School District as well as being an integral part of leadership, management, and operational teams of a local school bus contractor. He brings a well-versed experience in transportation technology, an analytical, dynamic, and ardent approach to daily operations, as well as the coordination and facilitation of emergency responses impacting the safety of school students, District facilities, and community roadways.
    Mr. Demkowicz is also active in several professional organizations, including the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials where he serves as vice-president of the local Transportation community.



    Seneca Valley School is seeking community members to help serve our students. Our school bus contractors are in need of additional school bus operators, school van operators, and aides. If you or someone you know may be qualified, please consider contacting either ABC Transit, Inc at 724-473-4500 or Valley Lines at 724-473-4411. Training and support is provided. Additional opportunities, or flexible and adaptable schedules, are also available.

    Ms. Christine Thayer-Miller, Operations Manager
    Ms. Lisa Salak, Routing Specialist
    If this is an emergency between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., please contact the school district transportation office at (724) 452-6040 ext. 1758. For bus emergencies before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m., please contact your child's bus garage: ABC Transit at (724) 473-4500 or Valley Lines at (724) 473-4411.
    Audio and Video Monitoring (Policy#810.1)
    The Seneca Valley School District has adopted a policy that authorizes audio and/or visual recording on school buses or school vehicles for disciplinary or security purposes. The audio/video recordings on school vehicles would be exempt from disclosure under the Public Right to Know law because such recordings constitute an educational record protected from disclosure by FERPA. Principals, their designees, bus garage managers and transportation department personnel are the only people allowed to view the recordings. Law enforcement may also view the recordings if school officials deem necessary. Each school bus or school vehicle with audio and/or visual recording devices, will post a notification in clear sight so driver and passengers understand their actions and communication may be recorded. The audio and/or video recording will not be operating if the vehicle is used for other purposes not school related.