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       Amy S. Palaski
     Seneca Valley Senior High School
        Chemistry and AP Biology
     Room #324
    724-452-6041 x1253
    Organic and Biochemistry
    Organic and  Biochemistry is an elective course students take in their junior or senior year.  Emphasis is placed on learning the naming rules, molecular structures and reactions involving the main functional groups of organic chemistry.  The biochemistry unit encompasses carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.  Polymers, petroleum chemistry and nuclear chemistry may also be explored.  This class is especially advantageous for those interested in pursuing further education in medicine, nursing, pharmacology, chemical engineering, or other science related fields. 
     AP Biology
    Advanced Placement Biology is a college-level course designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college introductory biology course and intended for students wanting to pursue further study in the biological sciences or research.

    We will explore the chemistry of  life, cells, cellular energetics, heredity, molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, diversity of organisms, structure and function of plants and animals, and ecology. AP Biology has a strong emphasis on laboratory work and will expose students to lab techniques which include experimental design, microbiology, and genetic engineering.