Superintendent of Schools - Dr. Tracy Vitale

  • Biography

    Dr. Tracy Vitale proudly serves as the Superintendent of Schools for the Seneca Valley School District, one of the largest public school districts in Western Pennsylvania. She is credited with opening and implementing the district’s first elementary world language program, accelerating academic rigor and leading educators in a collaborative approach to systems thinking. 

    Prior to becoming Superintendent, she was an Assistant Superintendent, Principal and Teacher in urban, rural and suburban environments in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. A highlight of her career was serving as Principal of Ryan Gloyer Middle School. During her tenure there, the building was recognized for being a top-performing middle school in the state as a Don Eichhorn “Schools To Watch” winner, and later as a National Blue Ribbon Middle School.

    In 2017, Dr. Vitale was honored to be the recipient of the Distinguished Female Educator Award in memory of Professor Emeritus Dr. Jean E. Winsand, University of Pittsburgh, as hosted by the Tri-State Study Council. Dr. Vitale also earned the 2016 University of Pittsburgh School of Education’s Pre-K-12 Educator Award. Earlier in 2016, Dr. Vitale was named a 2016 Pittsburgh ATHENA Award Finalist, a program that recognizes exceptional women who demonstrate excellence in their profession, contribute to their community and help other women to succeed through mentorship.

    Dr. Vitale earned her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education English from Duquesne University. She went on to earn her Gifted Education certificate and her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Carlow College. In 2009, Dr. Vitale earned her Doctorate of Education from the University of Pittsburgh.

    “Problem solving, tenacity and critical thinking are just a few of the skills that teachers bestowed upon me,” said Dr. Vitale. “As superintendent, it is my mission to pass those ideals on to our teachers and, ultimately, our students. I will also be focused on the challenges that face all public schools today, including funding and open communications with our constituents. I am confident, with the continued support of our staff, parents and community, that this era of limited financial resources will present new opportunities for open dialogue, partnerships and new community alliances.”


    According to Pennsylvania School Code, all school districts are required to develop objective performance standards and post them on the district’s website. The Superintendent must be evaluated annually, and the objective performance standards must be mutually agreed upon by both the Board and the Superintendent. To that end, the Seneca Valley School District and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tracy Vitale have mutually agreed upon eight performance standards as listed below; standards which are divided into eight categories and aligned with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) national standards for superintendents.

    The Seneca Valley School Board rated Dr. Vitale on these standards and assessed her as not only meeting, but exceeding, the standards for the 2018-19 school year:

    Standard 1:  Leadership and District Culture
    Standard 2:  Policy and Governance
    Standard 3:  Communications and Community Relations
    Standard 4:  Organizational Management
    Standard 5:  Curriculum Planning and Development
    Standard 6:  Instructional Leadership
    Standard 7:  Human Resources Management
    Standard 8:  Values and Ethics of Leadership


Dr. Tracy Vitale at recent Graduation Commencement Ceremony