• Socrative
    Bring Your Own Technology has greatly enhanced the technology experience for all students and teachers involved in the pilot program this year in the Seneca Valley Intermediate High School. Students enjoy using the technology they own and with which they feel comfortable. This enables them to learn in meaningful and relevant ways--ways that are breaking down the walls of the traditional classroom.
    One such technology app the students are using is Socrative. Pronounced like "socratic" with an "ive" instead of an "ic," Socrative is an online student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises via smartphones, laptops, tablets, iPods, iPads, and any other device with internet capabilities. Teachers set up their own accounts and construct a series of questions they would like the students to answer. These can be quick quizzes, multiple choice practice, short answers, or exit tickets. The teacher can receive instant feedback by watching live results or downloading a detailed report. It takes the students about twenty seconds to load the quiz which can be accessed by any browswer at m.socrative.com. All the student has to do is enter the room number supplied by the teacher. If they prefer, the student may place the free Socrative app (available from the iTunes app store) on their mobile device. Socrative is truly "as easy as raising your hand."
    The one challenge to Socrative is that, although it adequately accepts and dislays text, specialized characters, such as subscript and superscript, are not currently supported.  This is an issue for the math and science classrooms. In order to address this issue, Socrative is piloting a program through which they are studying ways of inserting specialized images into their online content. Brian Carson, a Seneca Valley chemistry teacher and BYOT pilot teacher, is taking part in the study by testing the feasibility of inserting different types of images into Socrative when constructing activities.
    Socrative is just one of the many amazing resources being utilized with the BYOT students in the Intermediate High School. Another door into the world of learning has been opened, and the students and teachers alike are running through that door "full steam ahead." What an exiciting time to be involved in the world of education!