Seneca Valley School District

The Algebra 1 Keystone Exam consists of two main modules with three main assessment anchors per module.
Module 1:  Operations and Linear Equations and Inequalities
   Assessment Anchors:   Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions
                                            Linear Equations
                                            Linear Inequalities
Module 2:  Linear Functions and Data Organizations
   Assessment Anchors:   Functions
                                           Coordinate Geometry
                                           Data Analysis
Algebra 1 Keystone Exam:  Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content with Sample Questions and Glossary
I)  Practice Keystone Exam:
II)  Algebra Review -- By Topic:  PDF form -- the answers are at the end of each document.
III)  Algebra Review -- Mixed Content:  These reviews are in PowerPoint format.  If you do not have the PowerPoint software, you can download the VIEWER only at
     Review Part 1
     Review Part 2
     Review Part 3
     Review Part 4
     Review Part 5