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    We are pleased to present the Seneca Valley Program of Studies for the 7/8 Middle School students. We are extremely proud of our interactive digital version of the program of studies, and we hope you find it easy to navigate and use. All of the same helpful tools found in last year’s edition can be found in this year’s edition, but with various updates and improvements. Students have many more opportunities than ever before, so we hope you take advantage of those opportunities as you plan out next year’s schedule and the following years, too.

    Program of Studies Grades 7 – 8

    Ryan Gloyer Middle School
    122 Seneca School Road, Harmony, Pennsylvania 16037
    Telephone: (724) 452-6043 Fax: (724) 452-0331
    All courses have been approved by the Seneca Valley Board of School Directors


    Each spring all students have an opportunity to select courses appropriate to their needs and future plans. Evening programs are held, small group guidance meetings are provided, and individual conferences are available. Students are constantly encouraged to involve their parents in the course selection process and parents are required to sign the final registration form to ensure their involvement and approval.

    Schedule changes can be made in March, April, and May without difficulties. In June, a master schedule is finalized for all high school students. After this time, schedule changes become extremely difficult because teachers, supplies, books, classroom spaces, and class sizes have been arranged based on the courses you have selected. Please consider all decisions carefully.