• Activity Bus

    An evening activity bus run is available to secondary students who participate in supervised after-school activities. Please be advised, the activity bus stops listed are community stops. Parents are expected to meet their child at the stops listed under the Activity Bus Runs. Your child will not be dropped off at their home location. Activity buses depart from the Seneca Valley Secondary Campus in Jackson Township, Monday through Friday, at 5:15 p.m.

    Parents, please make sure your children know their home address and are able to give directions to their home. The Activity Buses stop at community stops serving multiple locations. Some students, in the past, were unable to tell the school bus drivers the street they live on or their home address.

    For more information on activity bus schedules, please contact the Transportation Department by calling (724) 452-6040, ext. 1758.

    For bus emergencies after 4 p.m. only, please call ABC Transit at (724) 473-4500.

    Please note, there are no activity runs on Act 80 Days, In-Service Days or half-days on the secondary campus.