• A Win for SV!

    The SV Foundation is thrilled to announce the success of the recent fundraiser that welcomed the world-renowned Harlem Wizards to SV! While the scoreboard at the Harlem Wizards game showed our new friends from Jersey as the champions at the end of the night, the real winners were the rising Raiders and their families in the stands. The night was filled with folly, dazzling trick shots, incredible athleticism and lots of fresh beats that kept the nearly sold-out crowd on their feet. Our SV All-Stars were a force to be reckoned with on the court and displayed an amazing amount of grit, determination and sportsmanship. 


    With the help of our sponsors, the event raised just under $15,000! These proceeds will benefit the high school’s lead program. LEAD (Learn, Explore, Act, Develop) is the district’s goal to support students’ social and emotional needs and help them thrive. At the Intermediate and Senior High Schools, the LEAD group of students and staff are driving a “SV Norms” movement that highlights positive behavior and attitudes to shape students into productive members of society.


    Thank you to all who participated in the night’s success, especially volunteers, sponsors and the SV All-Stars! Also, a huge thanks is owed to the Ehrman Crest PTO including Jean Elwell, Liz Steel and Barb Magill for coordinating the awesome concession stand offerings!

    SV All-Stars

    Head Coach: J.P. McFeeley

    Ms. Shay Houser

    Mr. Josh Sektnan

    Ms. Nicole Moorman

    Mr. Alex Krajniak

    Mr. Zachary Mathews

    Ms. Erin Burkhart

    Mr. Forrest Haffey

    Ms. Lynne Rodrigues

    Mr. Paolo Tolomeo

    Mr. John Hickman

    Ms. Ellizabeth Schroder

    Ms. Karen Fornadel

    Ms. Marissa Bitonti

    Mr. Christopher Titus

    Ms. Quincy Gildea

    Ms. Tracy Richards

    Ms. Mackenzie Kacsur

    Ms. Ava Mosbacher

    Ms. Erin Andrekovich

    Ms. Christina King

    Ms. Chelsea Miller

    Ms. Hannah Gonzales

    Ms. Lauren O'Donnell

    Mr. Michael Ozdinec

    Guest Referees: Mr. Bob Ceh, Dr. Tony Babusci


    HW All Stars




    HW Sponsors