• Cyber Program Overview: Grades 5-6Your child’s learning experience is a priority to the Seneca Valley School District. Our 5th and 6th-grade middle school students have specific learning skills. Our teachers can customize learning to meet your child's interests and needs. As with all of our programs, students can choose to take some cyber courses in traditional courses or take all of their courses online. We look forward to partnering with you to help your child meet their maximum potential this school year!


    How does 5th and 6th-grade SVAOC work?

    Families can choose to participate in live synchronous sessions taught by SV teachers or a a full-time asynchronous cyber program. These programs are a combination of online and offline work.  Students have the option to attend LIVE daily tutorial sessions.  Our teachers have implemented a morning meeting to have peer interaction and build on our young middle schoolers' social-emotional development.  

    Students at the fifth and sixth-grade level can enroll for a rigorous academic and creative environment in both core and specials cyber offerings in this initiative. Through approaches to 21st-century learning, students are exposed to various real-world opportunities and authentic learning experiences. These students will have the ability to take these courses in the midst of their regular day through a hybrid schedule (a mixture of traditional and cyber offerings) or a full-time cyber schedule. Students will receive guidance in a nurturing and encouraging program. Through individualized education, students' learning will be assessed and monitored to receive remediation or enrichment then. Seneca Valley Academy of Choice has worked diligently to ensure our cyber program not only provides high-quality academics but also meets the needs, wants, and interests of our students and families.

    The Seneca Valley Academy of Choice focuses on ensuring we provide our students with a quality education while simultaneously meeting the students’ needs and interests. We pride ourselves on never being content and working alongside SVAOC parents to ensure we are improving our program. We have implemented several new items to our program to further enhance the cyber learning experience for our 5th and 6th grade students.

    Program Improvements:

    • Live hours working and interacting with students and teachers
    • Additional materials provided to supplement Edgenuity lessons
    • All math courses will have offline material; this includes guided practices to enhance our students’ learning and understanding of mathematical concepts
    • Guided notes to help students remain actively engaged with their coursework
    • A focus on increasing peer connections and relationships
    • Every Friday we will be having “Fun Friday” with students. This will include a variety of team building and peer connection activities to help students form bonds and relationships with other SVAOC students.
    • Special area courses
    • To accommodate your busy schedules, families have three options for specials:
      • Live Lessons with SV Special Area Teachers during scheduled times
      • Completing a Specials Log
      • A combination of Specials Log and SV Teacher Scheduled Special Area Times



    To complete an application and register for the Cyber 5-8 Program, click here.