Seneca Valley Student Expectations for One-to-One Devices (Laptops):

  • As a learner:

    1. I will bring my device to school every day.
    2. I will be responsible for my school-issued device at all times.
      • My device will never be left unattended.
      • My device will be placed securely on a flat, stable work surface. My device will be treated carefully so it is not subjected to deliberate or accidental damage.
      • I will take care that my laptop is transported as securely as possible. 
      • I will not smash my device between books or other materials in my backpack.
      • I will close the screen when I carry my device. 
      • I will not allow another person to use my device.
    3. I will be responsible for making sure my device is fully charged every night so it is ready for use the next day at school. 
    4. I will store my device in a secure space while at school and/or at sports practices or after-school activities, etc. The device should be secured at all times, and no items will be stacked on top of it. 
    5. I will be on-task during class at all times and use my device for educational purposes only.
    6. I will not decorate, draw, or write on my device (i.e. stickers, etc.).
    7. I will not eat or drink when using my device.
    8. I will do the following to clean my device:
      • I will use a dry soft cloth to clean the screen.
      • If needed, I will use a damp cloth with water to clean the screen.
      • I WILL NOT use Windex, alcohol or other solvents for cleaning my device
    9. I will not expose my device in any extreme conditions (heat or cold).
    10. I will not share personal accounts or passwords.
    11. I will not engage in cyber bullying or any other inappropriate or illegal online behaviors.
    12. I will not post ANY identifiable personal information about myself or others on the Internet.
    13. If my device is missing, I will report it to the school office.
    14. If my device is damaged, I will take it to my building's designated technology area and explain to an adult what is wrong.
    15. At the end of the school year, I will return my device, charger, and stylus (if provided) to the school.