• MySchoolBucks Online Meal Payment Program

    The Seneca Valley School District is pleased to provide a cafeteria payment service over the Internet. Seneca Valley accepts payments for school meals through the www.MySchoolBucks.com online payment service.
    You can also use the service to monitor, for free, your child’s food purchases.
    There is no fee* to use the MySchoolBucks to setup an account and view your child’s meal purchases, balances, and to setup up automated email notices when your child’s meal account falls below a dollar amount you specify.
    *There is a fee if you are using MySchoolBucks Service to make an online payment.

    In cases of separate homes, mother and father may both have separate user profiles set up for their student’s cafeteria meal account through the MySchoolBucks.com site. Only those payments made by mother will be reflected on the payment history on mother’s user profile. Only those payments made by father will be reflected on the payment history on father’s user profile. Once both payments are processed through the school site point-of-sale computer, the payments will be reflected under the student’s cafeteria purchases, which both mother and father may view from their user profiles.
    To Register Online:
    You can register each child using their date of birth and/or student identification number, and be sure to enter your child’s name exactly as you did when you registered them at school.  If you are registering a student in grades 9 or 10, please select the Senior High School within the set up process. Visit the website at www.MySchoolBucks.com to register online. You will receive notification by email of successful registration. For this reason, a valid email address is required when you sign up for the service. If you are having difficulty with the registration process, please call the MySchoolBucks parent help line at: 1-855-832-5226. 

    *MySchoolBucks recently added a two-step verification to the login process for all MySchoolBucks admin and parent users. Read more here.