Emergency Weather Information







    The Seneca Valley School District will make every effort to close or delay school by
      5:30 a.m. of the affected day. Delays that turn into closures will be made by
      7:30 a.m. of the affected day. Please know that early dismissals will be
      avoided whenever possible, but if necessary, will be made by 11 a.m. of the affected day.


    When Seneca Valley has a closing or delay, the district will first utilize School Messenger, a
      parent notification system, which will be programmed to call the primary
      phone number as listed for each child. In an emergency situation or in the
      event that the district goes from a two-hour delay to a closure, an emergency
      call will be sent to all provided numbers per student (this is the primary
      number and up to three additional numbers provided per child) so the
      information reaches all those affected by the emergency or change in status.
     School Messenger information is collected via the Parent Portal, and parents are encouraged to revise Parent Portal in
    formation throughout the
      year when necessary.


    Emergency or delay/closure/early dismissal information can also be found on KDKA Radio 1020 AM, KDKA-TV Channel 2, WTAE-TV Channel 4, WPXI-TV Channel 11, SVTV Channel 50 (Digital Channel 208, TV Channel 407 for Consolidated Communications customers) or via a recording on our main campus phone line at (724) 452-6040.


    Two hour delay Modified kindergarten


    When Seneca Valley calls a two-hour delay, the
      kindergarten schedule is as follows:


    AM Kindergarten:


    Arrival - 10:40 AM; Dismissal - 12:43 PM


    PM Kindergarten:


    Arrival is 1:30-1:37 PM; Dismissal is 3:25 PM