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    Official SVBand Handbook - Please read if you are joining Marching Band for the 2017 season. 

    BAND BOOSTER HOMEPAGE - all booster information can be found here. (Includes 2018 SVBand Trip Information)

    Students may not miss any band function unless it is a "once in a lifetime" event, serious illness or death in the family.  Work, Dr. Appointments, other activities are NOT valid excuses. 

    The SVBand and the SVBand Boosters communicate important events, reminders, updates, etc. via the "Remind" service. We will be keeping all information up to date on www.svband.net and www.svbandboosters.com

    The "Remind" service will be used to make brief and timely announcements that will include links to information on the websites.

    PLEASE SIGN UP ASAP!!!  (You can opt in and out at your leisure utilizing email or text!)

    Thank you!

     Stay up to date!! Visit our Calendar regularly for the latest information. You can even subscribe to our "Google" calendar and add it to your smartphone or tablet. 
    Upcoming Dates:

    Marching Band Trip Rehearsals:

    (all rehearsals are 2:45p - 4:45p)

    April 5

    April 11

    April 16

    April 24

    April 25 


    Pom Pon Tryouts:

    May 9, 10, 11 - Practice (4:30p - 6:30p) 

    May 12 Tryouts 8:00am



    Contact the Directors:

    Mr. Mattchett - matchettrk@svsd.net
    Mr. Armstrong - armstrongve@svsd.net 
    Mr. Babick - babickrm@svsd.net 
    Mrs. Snyder - snydersw@svsd.net 

    logoFollow us on Twitter: @svbands