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    SVBand Handbook - 2019rev

    BAND BOOSTER HOMEPAGE - all booster information can be found here. 

    Upcoming Dates:

    Week of 10/21/19:

               Tuesday - MB Practice 3p - 5p
               Thursday - MB Practice 3p - 5p
               Friday - VARSITY FOOTBALL GAME - Home vs Norwin
                                  REPORT TIME - 5:45p 

    After School Rehearsal begins promptly at 3:00pm and the students are released at 5:00p.m.  This gives them plenty of time to get the activity bus.  IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BE HERE TO PICK UP YOUR STUDENT BY 5:15PM, THEY MUST RIDE THE ACTIVITY BUS. Students may NOT stay on campus after band rehearsal beyond 5:15pm.

    Stay up to date!! Visit our Calendar regularly for the latest information. You can even subscribe to our "Google" calendar and add it to your smartphone or tablet. 


    Sign up for the *NEW* Remind groups for the 2019/20 SVMB Season.  THE OLD GROUP NO LONGER WORKS.  EVERYONE WILL NEED TO SIGN UP AGAIN THIS YEAR!!

    The "Remind" service has changed their policies and limited the number of members in each group/class on the service.  You will need to sign up based on your student's last name.

    These "remind" groups are for SVMB students and families only (Musicians AND Auxiliaries)

    Instructions to sign up:

    Last names A-B 
    Last names C-G
    Last names H-L
    Last names M-O
    Last names P-S
    Last names T-Z

    Thank you! 

    Students may not miss any band function unless it is a "once in a lifetime" event, serious illness or death in the family.  Work, Dr. Appointments, other activities are NOT valid excuses. 


    Contact the Directors:

    Mr. Armstrong - armstrongve@svsd.net  
    Mr. Matchett - matchettrk@svsd.net
    Mr. Babick - babickrm@svsd.net 
    Mrs. Snyder - snydersw@svsd.net 

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