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     Life on the Savanna




    Hello Lions Team!

    Hope you had a great summer!

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    Meet our team teachers!

    You can now email and access all of your individual teachers' course info using

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    Ms. Janet Becker
    Reading - Semester 1
    Room #201


    Mr. Zach Cene
    World History
    Room #205
    Ms. Brenna Cosgrove
    Health - Semester 2
    Room #207

    Ms. Dayna Gulish
    Speech and Language Support
    Room #102S

    Ms. Lisa Kasper
    Emotional Support
    Room #232B

    Mr. KC Cahall
    Room #212
    Ms. Gianna Serignese, M.Ed.

    School Counselor

    724.452.6043 Ext. 3008
    Ms. Tara Morrison
    Learning Support
    Room #202P

    Ms. Susan Moury

    English 7 and Advanced
    Room #203 

    Ms. Tracy Richards
    Room #202