• Visitor Procedure

    Access to Rowan Elementary School is restricted to visitors during the school day. Those wishing to gain entrance are required to be given access by office personnel. Please note that video cameras record activity at all school entrances and in various parts of the building. 

    All visitors must ring the bell located at the exterior doors of our main entrance. Upon visitor recognition, approval to enter the building will be authorized.  All visitors will directly report to the security desk located in the school lobby area upon entrance.

    The district's Raptor Visitor Sign-In System is utilized and requires a valid driver's license be presented and scanned prior to entering our building.  Everyone entering our building must sign-in through this system and wear a badge.  This badge will indicate the destination in the school that permission has been granted to visit.  Visitors should only visit the area designated on the visitor's badge and must exit through the school office and return the badge to security personnel.  In the event of an emergency, the Raptor System will be utilized to locate any visitors in our building.