Visitor Procedure
    The Seneca Valley School District encourages parents to become active parents and visitors in our schools. We kindly ask that you keep the following in mind the next time you visit.
    The Seneca Valley School District prohibits alcohol, drugs, weapons or tobacco on any school property. All individuals, vehicles and containers on any school grounds are subject to search. Also, unauthorized persons are prohibited. For the safety of those in our buildings, all visitors will find they are required to be given access by office personnel. Please note that video cameras tape activity at all school entrances and in various parts of the buildings.
    All visitors are also required to sign-in and will be asked to utilize a valid driver's license to create a visitor's badge, which must be worn at all times while on school property. Upon leaving the building, visitors are required to sign-out and leave the visitor badge with the office staff.
    We thank you in advance for following these procedures for the safety of all students and staff.