• Technology Statements
    Technology Vision of SVSD:
    To foster life-long learning for students, staff and community members, the Seneca Valley School District will infuse technology into the educational process to create a seamless, integrated, technologically secure environment that offers opportunities for all.
    Technology Mission of SVSD:
    The Seneca Valley School District will use evolving technology as a tool to enhance learning opportunities in an increasingly complex and informationally rich society. Technology will support student-centered learning, provide for efficient management, garner parental involvement, and foster community-wide access to global information resources.
    Instructional Technology Philosophy of SVSD:
    The goal of the Seneca Valley School District Technology Integrated Instruction Plan is to use technology to the full extent of its capabilities throughout the curriculum. By not limiting its use to any one department or discipline, we hope to enable students and faculty to treat the computer as:
    • a pencil - to be integrated into every field of learning;
    • a paintbrush - to enhance creativity and self expression; and
    • a baton - to direct their own learning and foster their own productivity.