• Student Assistance Program


    Our student assistance program, titled Y.E.S.S. (Youth Educational Support Services), is a voluntary prevention and intervention program designed to help young people with issues and concerns that impede learning. Because students may experience a variety of problems during adolescence, including but not limited to family discord, drugs and alcohol, depression, and suicidal thoughts, it is important for them to know they have a place to turn for support and guidance.
    Y.E.S.S. is a unique program that utilizes the skills of school counselors, teachers, administrators, nurses, and other experts that meet as a team to discuss students who may need additional assistance. Team members are specifically trained to handle difficult situations with respect to compassion, as well as provide resources to parents who may want to seek help outside of the school setting.
    The Y.E.S.S. process calls on the varied skills and experience of team members to ensure students get the appropriate help in a timely, efficient manner.  Any or all of these people may be involved in helping the student while, at the same time, maintaining confidentiality with the student, parents, and all other parties involved in the process. 

    For more information on other Student and Parent Support Services, click below to go to the SV Parent and Community school district page:  Y.E.S.S. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES


    Teachers can access the referral form here:  Y.E.S.S. Referral