•  Athletic Links

    Parents and student often have questions regarding intercollegiate athletics, the recruiting process, and maneuvering the NCAA Eligibility Center processes which confirm a student-athlete's eligibility to play intercollegiate sports. The three links below will provide you with information related to every aspect of intercollegiate athletics.

    In addition, the athletic department is more than willing to meet with any family to discuss the entire recruiting process.  To make an appointment, call the Athletic Office to arrange a convenient time to meet. 
    In order to start the NCAA Eligibility Center process, student-athletes interested in competing at the Division I or II level should do the following:
    1. Go to www.eligibilitycenter.org and click "Enter Here" for NCAA College-Bound Student-Athletes
    2. Create a new account starting with the link in the upper right-hand corner
    3. Remember to keep track of all NCAA Eligibility Center ID's as you'll need these to re-enter the site moving forward
    Access the following link:  http://eligibilitycenter.org
    The click "Enter Here" for College-Bound Student-Athletes.
    Choose "Resources" on top menu for access to Guide.
    Choose "U.S. Student" for relevant eligibility information.