• Dress Code (as per Policy # 221)

    A student may not wear any apparel that reveals or exposes the midriff / lower back or sides of the upper body or torso and/or undergarments or is disruptive to the educational process. A student may not wear any apparel or jewelry that by words (profanity), signs, pictures or any combination thereof, advocates or promotes sexual activity or violence or the use of alcohol or drugs, or demeans or degrades another because of race, sex, religious persuasion, national origin or disability. For example, confederate flags, or pictures of confederate flags, swastika, on T- shirts, belt buckles, etc. are not permitted.

    Below is a partial listing – middle school level appropriate – of items that are NOT PERMITTED:

    • Shirts / tops that expose undergarments or midriff
    • Low-cut tops / shirts
    • Low riding pants that expose undergarments
    • Chains or studded belts & jewelry
    • Garments with slashes, rips or any holes above the knee
    • Pajama / lounge pants
    • Sleeveless shirts with large arm holes
    • Tank tops with thin straps
    • Hats / bandana
    • T-shirts depicting obscenities, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons
    • Shorts & skirts that are not fingertip length
    • Hoods worn while in school
    • Facial piercing
    • Face painting
    • We request that students do NOT wear flip flops

    If a student refuses to, or cannot change clothing, a parent/guardian will be contacted to take the student home.

    It is recognized that not all situations and conditions can possibly be covered by a dress code. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to evaluate all items relative to school dress.