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    White   McKelvey  

    Dr. Kristen White, Principal





    Mr. Thomas McKelvey, Assistant Principal


          Our website provides an overview of Haine Elementary School's educational programs, special events, as well as other necessary parent information.

         Haine Elementary is one of four elementary schools in the Seneca Valley School District. We serve approximately 800 students in our kindergarten to fourth grade facility. Our school building is shared with Haine Middle School which houses fifth and sixth graders.

          Each grade level is supported by an extraordinary staff that is caring and student-centered. We strive to provide hands-on learning activities and active student engagement in the classroom.  Students have the opportunity to participate in choral, band and orchestral concerts, an art show, and a field day. These are a few of the many activities students can explore through the school year.

          Preparing students for the 21st century and for our global economy is an important educational goal that our staff and faculty work towards. Students are exposed to a rigorous technology curriculum as early as kindergarten. At Haine Elementary, students in grade K-4 are provided with a laptop, which provides all students with the opportunity to participate in meaningful, structured eduational activities. 

          At Haine Elementary a strong working partnership with our parents is encouraged.   Together we look forward to achieving our goals of providing Haine students with many positive, enriching learning experiences that will foster intellectual, social, and emotional growth.